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Rand Shadow Lab three times with the same group. Sonic Spear still didn't drop. Much QQ-ing to be had.

Also, Savage Defenders took down the boss in Stormwind. Want to know what the retaliation was? Level 40-60 alliance came and attacked Undercity. wtf was that about?
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In case you weren't there, the last couple weeks of random shit.
Let's make Friday funny image day. Since screencaps are jpegs now, it shouldn't be hard to resize them. You can always send them to me if you need help.

And bitches, if someone in our guild isn't here, you better get them here!

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Full Metal Murlock

As a side note so you guys aren't wondering why I've suddenly stopped leveling my Druid, I'll be hammering PVP for a while. I wanna do this for two reasons: One, I'm getting honor points for level 70 gear (which will will truly make my Phere a beast). and Two, I want to get Exalted with the Frostwolves, Warsong clan, and Defilers (AV, WSG, and AB respectively) for the title of CONQUERER!

that is all
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